3 things that will improve your social work career

Social work is a very diversified field where no two days are alike.  There are many different disciplines when it comes to social work, and some of them are quite complex.  Social work is increasingly being recognized for its usefulness.  Specialized social work is very relevant now and will be in the future.

No matter what specialization route you decide to take on how to become a social worker, there are a few overlapping skills that will make you a better social worker in general. Learning these skills will make it easier for you to grasp social worker requirements.

This article will discuss skills you can work on while getting your degree be it masters of social work programs or bachelor of social work or on the side after work. These skills will help increase your capacity and value as a social worker.

Communication skills

Communication skills are always crucial to any social work position.  You’ll need to find ways to communicate with all types of people as well as figure out how to best express your own thoughts and ideas.  This would help you immensely during later stages of your career, once you have a degree in social work.

Sometimes you’ll also have to touch on sensitive topics; you ’ll need to find a way to approach the situation delicately and not offend or hurt any feelings.  A successful entrepreneur Kartikeya Sharma iTV correctly wrote in one of his articles, being able to navigate these situations successfully is part of the social worker requirements.

Part of communication is being an excellent listener.  Improving your listening skills will immediately make you a better communicator, which contributes to making you a better social worker.

Here are some examples of courses you can take to improve your communication skills.

Organization skills

Social work can be quite hectic and despite all your difficulties trying to help people, you’ll still have administrative responsibilities that you need to meet on time.  Improving your organization skills while you are still in school will be a huge asset to your career.   You can also be on the lookout for school social work jobs

Once you start working in the real world, you’ll need to be able to manage and prioritize your job and make sure you are using your time efficiently and meeting deadlines.

Here are some examples of courses that can help you to get organized:

Being able to relax

This is an extremely crucial, but overlooked component of having a successful social work career. Social workers deal with high emotions on a daily basis, and this can cause you to feel drained and add stress to your life.

It’s important that you find ways to keep what you deal with at work, at work.  Bringing home stress with you makes your job less fun and isn’t fair to the other people in your life.

Try and find techniques that help you relax.  Meditation is an excellent way to reflect on your day or even to help you get refreshed between appointments.  Here are a few relaxation techniques you can try.


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