Well, this is a topic almost all of us are aware about, and many have even experienced it at some point in their life. While the education system is something that keeps changing and evolving throughout the world, in India, it apparently doesn’t move anywhere.

The need for changing the education system

It’s a common fact that we are living in a fast-changing world, with the technology being ever-changing as well. Due to this, the workplace environment keeps getting more challenging, and demands working not only hard but also effectively. Moreover, the current modern-day jobs also require the employees to be knowledgeable about what they do. Not every company wants to waste a few months teaching the new employees using the company’s resources and still paying them for the training period.

Indian education system doesn’t seem to be going anywhere

However, the Indian education system appears to have given a deaf ear to all these things. The textbooks seem way outdated, and although they seemingly change the portion and bring in new textbooks every few years, the only thing that appears to be changing is the cover and a few other things that don’t seem to matter much.

The approach doesn’t seem to be changing. It doesn’t appear to be trying to follow the world, or prepare the students for the reality.

The real drawbacks

Now although some may argue that many Indian students are doing great abroad, and some have even found jobs at some of the most reputed companies in the world. It also needs to be pointed out that they usually go to foreign countries for pursuing higher education, while some who are extraordinarily intelligent manage to get into the top Indian institutes like the IIM, and its other branches.

The school and college education, however, seems to be lacking in almost all the departments. Students are hardly going through anything practical, or things they will need in the real world and building the career. The boring portion not only makes the students take education as a burden but also results in the lack of interest of the teachers.

Reputed names in the media industry such as Kartikeya Sharma India News do seem to be making an effort to bring these issues to light.

Time to change

It seems like it’s high time for the educationists to start taking these challenges seriously, and come up with some changes that will be aimed at evolving the current education system in India for good.